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The Border Crossed Us: The Case for Opening the U.S.-Mexico Border (2021) 

Beyond the World's End: Arts of Living at the Crossing (2020) 

Banned: Immigration Enforcement in the Age of Trump (2019) 

Forever Prisoners: How the United States Made the World's Largest Immigrant Detention System (2020) 

Bande de Filles: Girlhood Identities in Contemporary France (2020) A Place to Call Home: Immigrant Exclusion and Urban Belonging in New York, Paris, and Barcelona. (2018) 


Congressional reports: 

Congressional Research Service report on unaccompanied minors (2019) Congressional Research Service report on border searches and seizures (2020) 

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights report on Trauma of Trump-era border policies (2019) 

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse's letter to William Barr requesting an investigation into politicized hiring of immigration judges (2020) 

Rep. Ted Lieu letter to the Office of Government Ethics (2017) 

New York City's comment on a Department of Justice rule change on immigrant courts (2020) 

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